As the San Francisco 49ers continue to move through the 2014 offseason the question on everyone’s mind is can this team improve and win the super bowl that has eluded them the past three years or have the 49ers peaked and missed its opportunity?


Outwardly it would appear that the majority of the pieces are already in place from last year.  In addition the 49ers will once again take aim via the 2014 NFL draft—using a plethora of picks stockpiled by general manager Trent Baalke. Then there is always free agency. Yet another avenue San Francisco may explore this offseason is in the trade market.  While the 49ers are not necessarily known for generating blockbuster trades, they have shown the willingness to execute such deals when pertinent.


However, there are concerns the 49ers must now consider. Colin Kaepernick is eligible to re-negotiate his rookie contract this offseason. Will the 49ers pay big money for their franchise quarterback? NFL analysts say the organization should wait to see Kaepernick develop as a pocket passer before paying him big bucks. And the quarterback is just one area of concern for San Francisco. Center Jonathan Goodwin, the captain of the offensive line, is a free agent and guard Mike Iupati suffered a broken ankle in the NFC Championship Game. Speaking of injuries, the 49ers defense lost NaVorro Bowman to a serious knee injury in that same championship game.


What will the team do to replace those losses? What's more, what will the team do to add more offensive weapons?


These are the questions and concerns the 49ers must address during the offseason. The results of which will be determined during the 2014 season. As the last three seasons have proven for San Francisco there are no guarantees in the NFL.


By Dan Bryan Tuft 


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