This NFL free agent season has been faster than Chris Johnson and DeSean Jackson combined; and like the two speedsters, the end result is not in sight yet.  Has the quickness in which the free agent field has shrunk been due to the lack of high end options, the increase in salary cap, or because the league “added” the three day courting period before free agency actually opened?  No matter the reason, there are still players available that will make impacts on some team’s roster in 2014.  The top five below all have game changing ability and a “buy as is, no guarantee” type of risk.

Note:  Alex Mack is the best available free agent, but with the transition tag placed on him by the Cleveland Browns, he does not make the list.  The transition tag allows the Browns to match any offer Mack may get from another team within five days after the offer.  If by chance Mack leaves Cleveland, which is highly unlikely given their cap room, the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts are rumored to be potential landing spots.

1.  Jared Allen – DE:  Allen is an uber reliable defensive end from every aspect.  Last year he started all 16 games and recorded 11.5 sacks, six passes defended, two forced fumbles and 52 total tackles.  It was a standard year from a guy that never seems to let you down.

Potential teams: According to reports he is on his way to the Seattle Seahawks

2.  Michael Vick – QB:  After having his starting job in Philadelphia ended by injury, Vick wants his chance to prove he is still a starting QB in the NFL.  He is still as electrifying as any player in the NFL, he just cannot stay healthy for a full season.

Potential teams: Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, New York Jets.

3.  Pat Sims- DT:  Sims is an under-the-radar player that will make a team better on the defensive line.  He had a career high 54 tackles last year and added two sacks.

Potential teams:  Tennessee Titans.

4.  Knowshon Moreno – RB:  Moreno had easily his biggest and best year in 2013 for Denver.  Because it was such a huge jump in production, teams are weary to jump at the production.  Moreno will find a home, most likely a team that can run a multiple back scheme.

Potential teams:  Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens

5.  Jermichael Finley – TE:  Finley has all the tools to be a top end tight end.  He has yet to put it all together in a single season.  Between injuries and poor production, we are still waiting on Finley’s best year.  It could easily be 2014.

Potential teams:  Seattle Seahawks

Written By: Nic Amanno

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