One of the best days for draft aficionados, fans got two rounds in around the same amount of time the first happened last night. NFL fans saw nearly three times as many trades occur on day two, 13 in total, nearly half of which came from the San Francisco 49ers with five. But just because your team was successfully able to trade, doesn’t always mean they were one the winners from day two. They could easily be one of the losers of day two as well.


The Losers of day two of the 2014 NFL Draft

Two days in a row the Tennessee Titans are on this list and for the wrong reasons. Yesterday it was because they drafted an offensive tackle when they have starters at that position and today it’s because the Titans used their only pick on day two to select a running back, Bishop Sankey. The Titans did lose long time running back Chris Johnson to the New York Jets. But they did bring in Dexter McCluster, a player very similar to Sankey, a guy who can catch balls out of the backfield and help take some pressure off of quarterback Jake Locker. Nevertheless we are going into the third and final day and their two biggest needs on defense, cornerback and outside linebacker/defensive end have not been addressed. Lucky for them, only nine cornerbacks have been taken at this point, maybe one of “their guys” will be available when they pick in the fourth-round.

Another loser of day two in my eye's, occurred when the Seattle Seahawks actually decided they wanted to join the party and drafted wide receiver, Paul Richardson. The third fastest receiver in this year’s draft, also one of the smallest ones. Richardson weighed in at 175 at the combine and recently boasted about getting up to 183. While he is known for his speed and route running, he is also unfortunately known for his drops. Why it really doesn’t make sense though, is because the Seahawks already have a fast receiver around 6’0” that also weighs around 185, Percy Harvin. One that can’t stay healthy because of the big hits he takes from guys who weigh 20 or 30 pounds more. Be it as it may, the Seahawks really aren’t known for their offense, most of the recognition they receive comes from their play on defense. But, it wouldn’t hurt to give Russell Wilson a big target to throw too. Maybe the Seahawks do that with one of their picks on day three…


The Winners of day two of the 2014 NFL Draft

The team that stood out the most to me was the San Francisco 49ers. If you include the trade to get Stevie Johnson, in which they gave up a 2015 fourth round pick that could potentially turn into a third, the 49ers traded five times on day two. The first player they acquired after two trades actually, was running back Carlos Hyde. The best running back on most every ones big boards. But why a running back? Frank Gore will be a free agent next year, LaMichael James could be on his way out via trade, Kendal Hunter has never carried the whole load and Marcus Lattimore’s knee hasn’t been subjected to the NFL yet. Furthermore, Hyde is the big physical running back needed in the vaunted NFC west.

Their next pick, center Marcus Martin filled a need they were unable to satisfy during free agency after the 49ers failed to re-sign Jonathon Goodwin. Martin was also considered by most as a second rounder, the 49ers drafted him the in the third. Drafting inside line back Chris Borland also made sense, considering Navorro Bowman will likely miss half the regular season and they could use some competition, if Michael Wilhoite can’t meet expectations.

The 49ers last pick was of great value, the offensive tackle Brandon Thomas was also considered by most to be a second rounder before he tore his ACL, while he was working out for the New Orleans Saints. With the 49ers having some depth on the offensive line, there is no need to rush Thomas back. He can red-shirt for them and compete in 2015 when he’s healthy, much like Marcus Lattimore will do this year.

The Houston Texans despite not addressing their biggest need, quarterback. They got three guys on day two that can come in and make an immediate impact. Xavier Su’a-Filo is the highest rated guard, but also has some experience at left tackle. He’s the aggressive Guard the Texans need, since they are going from a zone-blocking scheme to a man. The teams next pick C.J. Fiedorowicz, addressed the need they lost when long time staple Owen Daniel departed.

Fiedorowicz is able to make the tough catches down the field and he can also do something that seems to be a dying art for tight ends, block. It’s worth nothing that Bill Obrien also ran a lot of two tight end sets at Penn State. The Texans then traded up to get Louis Nix III and wisely so, at one point Nix was getting slotted in the first of almost every mock draft. Nix really isn’t a pass rusher, but he will command double teams, giving J.J. Watt and new addition Jadeveon Clowney the one on one match-ups they so highly covet. Shoring up that defensive line for the foreseeable future. Watch out, Andrew Luck.

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