When it comes to stopping the run for a cornerback, Virginia Tech's Kyle Fuller is arguably the best in this year's draft. Fuller is a noticeably great tackler and is a really strong, tough cornerback. After experiencing some time at linebacker in 2010, Fuller has very impressive instincts on the rushing attack. Something he has improved on significantly over the past couple years is his ability to shed blocks. Fuller's instincts on the passing attack is also impressive to say the least and that makes him stand out. At 5'11 and 190 pounds, he has the size and also quickness (4.49 40 yard dash) that teams need in their cornerback. Another thing that makes him stand out even more is his zone coverage and that is why he racks up so many tackles for a cornerback.


In 2013, Fuller finished with 58 tackles and two interceptions which shows his balance in his talent. He is most effective in off-man coverage, which is one of the more popular coverage’s in the NFL. Fuller is an aggressive athlete against both the pass and the run game, which often leads him around the ball. Having very good speed over distance helps if beaten initially, but he certainly possesses above average speed for a starting NFL cornerback. 


What drops his stock? Well, he has drawn some durability concerns due to aggressive mindset and possibly due to frame; missed 11 games over course of collegiate career, and six in 2013. Despite having above average speed, he cannot rely on his mid 4.4, 40 speed since NFL receivers are just as fast if not faster. In order to not get beaten in coverage he will need to continue developing his discipline. Also being a reckless tackler usually leads to either a big-hit or a miss, and that generally doesn't improve in the NFL. His physicality and instincts do him wonders though, as he’s always in good position and he can jam the release of wide receiver if he is in a zone. 


Fuller in many experts’ mock drafts is expected to be selected in the late 1st-early 2nd round. Based off of his talent and game tape he is a sure first round pick, but then the durability issues come in and that may cause his stock to drop at least a few picks. A team that may select him in the first round is the San Diego Chargers with their #25 overall pick. The Chargers do not have much talent in their secondary period and Fuller could fill that void for them immediately. At the end of the day, he’s going to be a great player, one of the best corners in this draft class. Whichever team he ends up being drafted by will be lucky to have him on their team.


Projected Selection: San Diego Chargers, 1st round pick #25

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