There is a ton of different scenarios that are possible for the number one pick in the 2014 NFL Draft beginning with the quarterback position.


The Houston Texans currently hold the first overall pick and don't have any noticeable need other than at the quarterback position. The problem is that it seems that none of the quarterbacks in this year's crop of slingers are worthy of being drafted first.


However, there are four quarterbacks in this year's  draft class that have what it takes to start right away. Here are the top four quarterback prospects in the 2014 NFL Draft:

1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville Height 6'3, Weight 200

The best option for Houston if they do decide to draft a quarterback with the number one overall pick would be to select Teddy Bridgewater. He has all of the tools you look for in a franchise quarterback, including his impressive passing accuracy and throwing mechanics. He moves around comfortably in the pocket and is a threat to make big plays on the move. For him to be so calm and confident under pressure is another thing that scouts bring up. In 2013, for the University of Louisville, Bridgewater threw for 3,970 yards, 31 touchdowns and only four interceptions.(via A lot of scouts, applaud how resilient Bridgewater is under pressure and looks to translate all of his attributes to the NFL. 

2. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M Height 6'1 Weight 210

Easily, the most talked about and exciting prospect in this year's draft class. A lot of scouts have Bridgewater ahead of him, but it's fairly close can't really go wrong either way. Manziel shows excellent mobility on the football field and has probably the most playmaker ability in the entire draft. He seems very elusive both in the pocket and on the ground as well. The capabilities of gaining various amounts of rushing yards are definitely there with this kid. Scouts say he shows the extraordinary competitiveness and that goes a long way in the NFL. We all remember his 2012 Heisman Winning Performance of 3,000 plus passing yards and 1,000 plus rushing yards. In 2013, he obviously didn't meet those expectations, but he showed improvement on his passing, throwing for 4,114 yards for 37 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. The main asset that makes "Johnny Football" so great is his desire to win and he will without a doubt be a guy that you want with the ball when the game is on the line. 

3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida Height 6'4,  Weight 230

Arguably the quarterback that has the best leadership skills out of all of the prospects. Possessing several fourth quarter comebacks in 2013 is basically what solidified his stock rising so much. To go along with his great size, he shows great mobility and gaining yards on the ground especially for his size. He seems to be a great improviser and makes something out of nothing. Out of all of the other quarterbacks he seems to have already proved he has an NFL arm and throws with almost pinpoint accuracy. He is one of those guys where the team knows exactly what they are getting. In 2013, Bortles threw for 3,581 yards for 25 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Although, the touchdowns may not be as high as people would like to see the kid has mental toughness that can't be taught. 

4. Derek Carr, Fresno St.  Height 6'2,  Weight 215

One of, if not the most pure passing quarterback we have in this year's draft class. Actually, if it wasn't for him playing in the Mountain West, his stock would be much higher. He consistently shows both excellent arm strength and accuracy. Don't leave a guy open down field because he has the capability of throwing over sixty yards down the field with precise accuracy. Most of the scouts became impressed with Carr at the Senior Bowl, where he displayed a charismatic leadership quality that some quarterbacks just don't have. The 2013 Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year threw for 5,082 yards for 50 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. The very experienced three year starter will be successful in the NFL and hopefully he gets the opportunity to become the starter right away.

All of these quarterbacks have the opportunity to end up being not only great quarterbacks, but great football players. The NFL is in a day and age where it is all about the quarterback and we all know there are plenty to choose from in this year's crop. It will be exciting to see what Houston does with the number one pick since they need a quarterback drastically. Will they trade down or go ahead and draft their guy #1 overall? Where these guys end up will be a great story to follow come training camp and we look forward to seeing who goes where in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Written By: Dedrick Hendrix 


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