DeRon Furr, the hard-hitting safety from Fort Valley State that most fans might not have heard of, that could become a diamond in the rough  in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft.

“I feel different every day but I am better prepared,” Furr said about the draft process in an exclusive interview with Oren Shiri of NFL Draft Insiders. “I feel lucky to be here. I could be doing a lot worse. I am glad I had the opportunity to work hard to finish my degree and now get the opportunity to get drafted to the NFL.”

The road to the NFL is chock-full of difficult obstacles, especially for small school prospects.

“I have life stories to share with people since I had a long road myself to get here. But everything is worth having.”

After a short stint as a quarterback at Auburn, Furr transferred to the University of Memphis, where he spent two years as a linebacker. He then looked into transferring to the University of Georgia to get closer to home to help take care of his family after having a child, but opting to attend Fort Valley State after finding out he would be limited to just one year of eligibility at Georgia because it was going to be his third D-I school in four years and would get two years at FVSU, which was very important to him because he had just started playing defense in college.

“I almost had two years away from the game due to the transfer and I came into a man-to-man defensive system in Fort Valley. I didn’t know the position of being a defensive back covering man on man well enough. I of course had to learn the position and did by specifically watching film of others to prepare myself more than what my coach taught me. When I played the All-Star game I learned from other coaches. Now my trainer has guided me in playing a lot faster and is teaching me to be better.”

Growing up, Furr’s favorite player was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft.

“In high school I played quarterback and my favorite player was Michael Vick. At his prime even though never took Atlanta to the Super Bowl he was a star and you heard about him all the time.”

Furr says he’s spoken to several teams during the draft process, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons and St. Louis Rams. He says it would be a dream to play for the Falcons, but would relish the opportunity to play for any of the 32 teams.

“I told my mom and dad that I would be very thankful for any team to like me it’s incredible.”

Furr is focused on proving himself at the next level, but also said he would be interested in coaching after his playing career, and like any player, he has plenty of interests outside of football.

“I love breeding dogs. I love animals, loved animals so much growing up that when I was kid I wanted to become a zoo-keeper. I also enjoy reading.”

His favorite animal is a Falcon. “They are very underrated and soar up to speeds as fast as 240 MPH.”

Furr finished his senior season with 60 tackles (second most on the team behind his brother, senior outside linebacker Leron Furr), along with 11.5 tackles for loss, nine QB hurries and three forced fumbles.

He then made a major impact by taking home MVP honors in the Medal of Honor Bowl, a collection of some of the nations top senior NFL prospects. As noted by, defensive players don’t usually win the MVP award, especially when they’re on the losing team, but Furr really managed to impress and saw his stock rise as a result.

“Speed, quickness and physicality,” Furr described as the top qualities to his game. “I go full tilt.”

The 6-2, 215-pound safety also recently captured the attention of scouts and coaches with a solid showing in the position drills at his Pro Day at Valdosta State University.

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