Quarterbacks Geno Smith will receive 75 percent of the first team reps while Vick receives 25 percent of the first team reps.  Today Smith made all the first team throws.  It has been that way for most of the week since Smith showed up on the 21st to aid the rookies out on Monday.  The secondary gave Smith some problems during his first two days with the Jets.  Having those extra days of practice gives him an edge over Vick at this point.  Smith used a combination of running and making the proper throws today.  Even when he was pressured he threw incomplete passes rather than interceptions.  Smith threw 21 interceptions last season during his rookie campaign.  He looks more seasoned and looks like a quarterback that will throw 14 interceptions rather than 21 in 2014.  Most of his completions were short to medium passes against one of the NFL's better defenses. Smith didn't have enough time in the pocket to react against a tough and stingy defense that was disciplined today.

Michael Vick was phenomenal.  He destroyed the Jets' second team secondary and looked like the 2010 version of Vick that helped the Eagles win the NFC East.  Still he faced a second team secondary.  It's nothing to get too excited about.  Geno Smith faced a much tougher defense.

The Jets' third team offense has some good players.  Quarterback Matt Simms looked fresh.  Tajh Boyd got some second team reps on Monday behind Geno Smith.  Boyd did well throwing the ball and showed potential to be a third string guy elsewhere if the Jets cut him.

Running Backs Chris Johnson was nearly flawless today.  He used his ball carrier vision to pick apart this front seven and ran for some big gains.  Johnson looks like the old CJ2K that dominated with the Tennessee Titans.  Johnson was also a beast in the passing game today catching 10 passes.  The Jets can win 6 to 7 games if Johnson is this dominant in the regular season.

Backup Chris Ivory had some impressive runs against this second team front 7 as well.  Nobody could stop Ivory.

Third string running back Bilal Powell made Matt Simms job as third string quarterback easier as well.  Like the New England Patriots,  the New York Jets have a strong running game with lots of depth that will make a quarterback's job easier.  The Bills have to rely on C.J. Spiller after Fred Jackson's sluggish start as a backup running back.

Wide Receivers Smith struggled against this secondary the first two days because he was working with rookie receivers while the Jets' secondary features second year corner Dee Milliner and rookie strong safety Calvin Pryor.  Having Eric Decker made his job easier as Decker ran past Dee Milliner on some plays by exposing him in coverage.  Decker was  great.  The Jets' had to double team Decker by having Milliner and Pryor focus on Decker while Dawan Landry focused on containing the Jets' tight end.  Jeremy Kerely stunk he could barely get anything going.

Stephen Hill was dominant against nickel corner Dexter McDougle who saw some first team action on Monday.  McDougle looked good in the first team drills on Monday when he blanketed rookie wide receiver Shaq Evans, but had his share of problems against Hill today.  Hill faced Milliner on Monday and looks better than Kerely, but worse than Decker.  David Nelson looked good against the Jets' measly #4 corner.  After McDougle this team has nobody on secondary.

Rookie wide receivers Shaq Evans and Jalen Saunders will get lots of third team reps with Matt Simms and Tajh Boyd competing for the third string job which nobody is talking about due to Smith VS Vick.  Both receivers can pick apart the Jets' third team defense, but Evans was clueless on Monday VS Dex McDougle.  On Monday, Jalen Saunders was Tajh Boyd's top target as both guys connected constantly against the second team defense.

Tight Ends Jeff Cumberland looked lost against the Jets' starting safeties he could not get anything going.  Jace Amaro a guy who is competing with Cumberland for the starting job had some reps against Calvin Pryor on Monday and Tuesday and looked good picking apart the Jets' second team.  I expect more Amaro VS Pryor match ups in one-on-one coverage as the pre-season nears.

Offensive Line The Jets' offensive lineman look like naturals when it comes to run blocking and getting past a teams front 7.  This goes for every offensive lineman on the Jets.  Pass protection is a different story. D'Brickashaw Ferguson struggled against Calvin Pace.  The guards had problems stopping Sheldon Richardson and Muhammed Wilkerson.  Nick Mangold looked like the Pro Bowl Mangold.   Besides Mangold, Right tackle Breno Giacomi was the only first team offensive tackle that put on a decent showing.

Second team offensive tackles Ben Ijalana and Oday Aboushi gave Vick tons of time in the pocket.  Vick was able to use that along with his playmakers to pick apart a Jets' second team defense that lacked depth.  Dakota Dozier looks like a solid replacement to Willie Colon when his contract runs out.  For now Dozier will be a second team right guard.

Defensive Line Richardson and Wilkerson dominated as 3-4 defensive ends.  These guys abused first team offensive guards and forced Geno Smith to make quick decisions.  Brian Winters and Willie Colon looked lost when trying to block these five technique studs.  

Backup nose tackle Kendrick Ellis looked good stopping Chris Ivory on a few plays.  Other than that the Jets defensive line was a joke.

Linebackers Calvin Pace constantly pressured Geno Smith. David Harris tackled Chris Johnson on a consistent basis.  DeMario Davis and his backup at 3-4 middle linebacker Troy Davis both used their awareness to spy on Smith and Vick.  There goal was to keep the quarterbacks in the pocket since both guys excel at throwing on the run.

Matt Simms had little time to react.  Antwan Barnes and Tim Fugger were in his face all day.  Both third team pass rushers gave Simms some problems.  Luckily for Simms he had two rookie receivers to bail him out.

Secondary This first team secondary is sick.  Dee Milliner, Calvin Pryor, Dawan Landry, and Kyle Wilson.  It is understandable why Geno Smith struggled against this secondary.  Smith will make progress and improve as a starter if he can exploit this secondary at Jets' training camp.  Vick faced a tough secondary with Dex McDougle, Josh Bush, and Antonio Allen at safety yet demolished this pass defense with ease by sitting in the pocket.  Vick will sit on the sidelines, but if he does well in the pre-season against a solid second team secondary while Smith struggles against a good first team secondary you have to consider starting Vick.

Third string cornerback Johnny Patrick had a few good plays where he blanketed Shaq Evans.  On the Jets' roster he will serve as the quarter corner meaning he will only start when Ryan opts to call plays with five cornerbacks in the game.  You may see Patrick in on a hail mary at the end of the first half, but other than that Patrick will be on the sidelines during the regular season.  When Patrick blanketed Evans, the third string defense was able to make Matt Simms job of throwing the ball a living nightmare by constantly pressuring him and sacking him for a loss of downs.

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