As the NFL season playoff race starts to heat up, the names of the top performers in the NFL appear. The 2013 NFL MVP trophy is what is in the stake. Keeping Patriots quarterback Tom Brady out from the mix, here is a list players that may get the honor.

5. Andrew Luck-QB-Colts

-Andrew Luck or "Mr Clutch" has been stellar in his second year in the NFL showing much potential. Luck has gone for 2,043 passing yards, has 14 touchdowns and 59.4 completion percentage. Luck has been showing that potential many experts been talking about, late in the season the Colts are in a good place and will look to make a run into the playoffs. But in all do respect, it's still early in his career to win this award. 

4. Calvin Johnson-WR-Lions

-Many wondered if Calvin Johnson would be able to even repeat the amazing season he had last season, but he is shocking the world with an even better season. Johnson up to this point in the season has 11 receiving touchdowns, 66 receptions and 1,198 receiving yards.  Johnson is the main reason why the Lions tied in their division are serious playoff contenders.

3. Russell Wilson-QB-Seahawks

Coming into the NFL many thought Wilson would never be a top-tier quarterback coming out of Wisconsin. They said his size would ruin his chances to become one, deep into the 2013-2014 season they couldn't be more wrong as  Wilson has a legit chance to win the NFL MVP. Wilson on the year has 2362 passing yards, 19 touchdowns and 64.0 completion percentage. Wilson is an NFL stud that proved many wrong, who looks to not only win the MVP but reach the super bowl and win it.

2. Drew Brees-QB-Saints

Brees coming into this season wanted to make a comeback chance at a super after the "lost" year he and the Saints had after losing their head coach Sean Peyton. Brees is doing just that, Brees for the season has 3647 passing yards, 28 touchdowns and a 68.3 completion percentage. Brees has played well thus far deep into the season as the Saints look to get home field advantage and make a deep run to the Super Bowl.

1. Peyton Manning-QB-Broncos

Manning of the Denver Broncos has blown away everyone with his play, he is playing like the best player in the league for the best team in the league. Peyton Manning on the season has 3722 passing yards, 36 touchdowns and a 68.5% completion percentage. He is on pace to break all these season records and has a chance to clinch the best record in the NFL. Manning this season has been a monster and will only look to keep that up deep into the season as he goes for his fifth MVP and the second Super Bowl ring.