The depth of wide receivers in this year’s draft class is relatively strong. Like in most other years there some big, strong and always talented receivers that standout above the rest. In some aspects college standouts are lost in the shuffle in the NFL draft while being probed by the judging committee of NFL scouts and coaches. Can Nick Toon the wide receiver out Wisconsin become something special on the field in the NFL, will lets view what he can bring to the table in NFL.

Toon is a prospect that fits NFL size, speed, hands, route running, bloodlines (father played for the New York Jets at wide receiver) and the smarts of NFL receiver. He comes from a winning program that plays in a good system to translate at the NFL level. In college he was the Badgers top receiver for last three seasons he has grown into receiver that has more big play abilities. Toon is familiar with a pro-style offense in route running and will be well prepared at the next level. He left Wisconsin as being one of the most productive receivers in their school history. In his senior season he reeled in 10 touchdowns, caught 64 passes, and totaled 926 receiving yards.

He will most likely become a possession receiver and is skillful at working intermediate routes to bring in the secondary before he can beat you over the top.

Nick Toon is currently projected to be selected in the upcoming NFL draft between rounds 2-3. Many experts believe that he is not cut out for becoming a number one wide out in the NFL, but general consensus is that he could develop into a solid number two.

What Toon lacks in intangibles, he makes up for by being a solid possession receiver. With good hands and size, he will possibly fit well as solid Red Zone option for a team’s offense in the NFL.                                

Considering this he does have some weaknesses like most NFL prospects, to start with he does not have great area of strength. His physical qualities as a receiver are solid but not great. His productivity can use some work against top level competition. Toon also may have injury concerns since he games due to foot injury.

Hold back from his injury is that he is now wearing a boot, evidently re-injured scar tissue on surgically repaired foot, and now his combine workout in jeopardy. Despite the setback, Toon should still hear his name called in the second-round of April’s draft. The injury will not cause his stock to fall too far, but remember this year’s wide receiver class deep receiving and he doesn’t want to fall back. Either way if he unable to perform in some of next NFL Scouting Combine drills, Toon will be able to make it up on the Wisconsin Pro Day later next month.

He does have some things he can improve going entering the next level as a receiver. Toon needs to progress where he can become a receiver with that provides the ability to get open at will on the outside, as well adapting the skills to be able to make big plays after the catch this will ultimatly make him a receiver that a quarterback will want to throw in the NFL, especially when covered and consistently come down with the ball.

Despite all that he will make a legitimate wide receiver in the NFL , who is smart and with no character concerns.  As a receiver in the college level Toon was given the talent to win a jump ball as well as juke out a defender with his great route running ability. Toon understands his blocking assignments and does an excellent job of that as well having experience in big games and cold weather. Toon will always fight for the extra yards and hangs onto the football, making him a true physical receiver that will do well in the next level in the right system.

His value depends on his willingness to improving on catching the ball in traffic as well as his ability to stay healthy. But with that note I am sure there is a team willing to take a chance on him in the second round and will wind up being a tremendous value for that team.

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