NFL Draft Prospect from Coastal Carolina Cornerback Josh Norman and Oren Shiri Chat

Every team in the NFL is looking for that special surprise, the wow factor in a player and a bit of gold on draft day.  Josh Norman may be exactly what the teams are looking for to improve their secondary.

Norman is not your ordinary major program or major conference corner back but has exactly what it takes to be very successful in the NFL. He is just starting to open up scouts’ eyes. Right now he’s not being projected in the 1st or even the 2nd Round but the prospect has the talent of the abilities to in front the other well-known corners in top of the draft boards, and there’s certainly time for him to move up draft boards before the big day itself.

During his four-year career at Coastal Carolina, Norman totaled 196 tackles, including seven for a loss with 13 interceptions and 35 passes defensed.

In the East-West Shrine he captured the eyes of scouts, Norman was mainly impressive with his ball skills, displaying the footwork and techniques needed to cover wide receivers in the NFL.

Norman is excellent in coverage, he will occasionally get beat on a double move, but he has the speed to recover. He was a walk on to Coastal Carolina, his intellect on and off the field has him rising up boards. To me he is the exciting small school cornerback, and really impressed me so these past few months I wanted to have a chance to speak with him myself heading into the combine.

Earlier last week I had the pleasure of interviewing him over the phone:

Question: How are you doing today? How are things going in preparing for the combine?

Josh Norman: Shine and bright, as I wait for the wheels to fall in place

Question: What do look forward to in showing the scouts and coaching staff during the NFL combine?

Norman: I can play with competition at the next level by turning heads

Question: What advantages you have over the other prospects at your position in the draft especially coming from a smaller school?

Norman: Hard work dedication, the thought of never being defeated, the will to succeed

Question: Have you spoken to any NFL player’s the last month and if so who and what do think you can learn from them?

Norman: Jerome Simpson from same school, no contact otherwise

Question: Growing up which team did you enjoy watching and did you have a favorite player?

Norman: Peyton manning, sheriff master mind colts also bob sanders, keep in Peyton with the Colts is important for the team in this situation, it was only one year not two not three (one) media exderates like Jeremy Lin thing.

Question: What sets you apart other prospects in the draft?

Norman: Very versatile , feels like he shut down anyone on the field on the opposing side. TE end need to be covered in the NFL correctly is what I saw that lacked in NFL last season, I know I can lock down TE on the team on defense and bring that to the table

Question: As a player going into the NFL which active NFL player do you look up too?

Norman: Charles Woodsen

Question: What memory or play do you remember most in college?

Norman: When it was the last play our team was up seven, I already had an interception already in the game and the QB continue to pick on me and again threw it up so I leap off up the ground and made another inception .

Question: What excites you most about playing at the next level?

Norman: Good confidence, playing with the best, being the best, basically be the best, if not there is no point in getting in the game if your not the best

Question: What type of defense scheme do enjoy playing and why? Man/Zone,…stopping the run or the pass…

Norman: Both, enjoy man best on best that is man –zone playing game thrown a gift and you get to take it home, playing mind games with the opposing QB

Question: In the NFL who would you like your first inception to be against?

Norman: Brees, Brady or Rodgers pick off two in row is dream in the NFL if not two at time each of the above mentioned each game in a row

Question: How do you feel you can elevate your game into the next level?

Norman:  Movement and balance I am long guy with a longer reach that tmore steps I have to take, long arm not lose ground

Question: Other than football, what types of hobbies or activities do you enjoy?

Norman: Relaxed kinda guy and laid back, movie goer I like watching movies on my 70’ inch, favorite movie 300, I like gladiator and war movies.

I appreciated his time and I look forward to keeping up with him heading into the draft,  I am sure he will do well this weekend at the combine. As for now I really acknowledge his insight and intelligence for the game at his position and believe any team would be lucky to have him going on their battle field on game day Norman has the tools and the confidence and the will power to put all together to be success in the NFL.